The forgotten Bengali dishes you must try!

New Delhi, April 11 (IANSlife)
The secret to every connection between Bengalis is food bonding. The city’s culinary landscape is where the gut sensation starts. These foods are hardly novel, even as stereotypical as they can be. Instead, they are unknown; the exquisite, flavourful bowls have not made their way into the typical home kitchen.
Here is a list of a few lesser-known or lost Bengali delicacies that deserve a place of honour in your kitchen right now since they smell so good.
Mochar Ghonto
Mochar Ghonto, a Bengali favourite for all celebrations, is created from infant banana leaves that have been picked, boiled, diced, then enthusiastically cooked with spices. Coconut has also recently been included in the dish. It tastes great when paired with biulir daal and steaming hot rice. Chilli enthusiasts will appreciate how fiery you can make it.
Thorer Chechki
Forget the potatoes and the vegetables; this dish is a game of banana stem that you might not be familiar with. The banana stem is cooked with some of the best spices one can get in a kitchen after being finely chopped and boiled. With the addition of chilies, coriander, and coarsely chopped coconut burrs. ThorerChechki must be the next dish you prepare. When savoured, its raw crunch has a distinct fan base among Bengalis.
Doi Begun
It isn’t what you believe it to be. This meal that looks like dahivada is actually a tender slice of tender brinjal that has been passionately slathered with mustard sauce and yoghurt. There are paach-phoron for a delicious taste and curry leaves for your awe. Doi Begun is cooked in liquid yoghurt and cream, which is why it is served in a bowl without any oil.
Dhokar Dalna
Dhokar Dalna is a delectable Bengali dish made of fried chana dal cakes that have been marinated, along with potato cubes, and are then dipped in a rich sauce that contains cumin seeds, hing, bay leaf, ginger, and red chilli paste.
Doi Maach
Fish curry called Doi Maach is a hearty dish. Fish chunks are cooked in mild spices and yogurt, which has a calming flavour. If you serve it with simple rice, it tastes the finest.
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