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Jammu, Feb 8 (IANS) Panun Kashmir, an organisation of Kashmiri Pandits on Wednesday demanded the constitution of an SIT to investigate the role of National Conference (NC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in promoting ‘Muslim separation in J&K’.
Addressing the media here, Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, the chairman of Panun Kashmir demanded the creation of Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate, assess and analyze the role of NC and PDP in the promotion and perpetuation of Muslim Separatism and Islamic fundamentalism in Jammu and Kashmir.
He said, “We welcome the action taken by the J&K government headed by Lt. Governor against the illegal encroachments and constructions across J&K, particularly by top political bigwigs.
“We ask both the leadership at the helms of the governments in Jammu and Kashmir and Centre to recognise such corrupt and illegal activity not merely as acts of corruption but as acts of internal subversion.
“The opposition by the recently designated and banned terrorist outfit TRF to the government actions against illegal encroachments and constructions and threats to government officials who participate in such activities only proves how land grab in Jammu and Kashmir and building of properties over them is being visualized as part of the vital Islamic terrorist interests in Jammu and Kashmir.
“Panun Kashmir sees the use of the wherewithal of the state and the democratic space for promotion of Muslim separatism, Islamic fundamentalism and Jihadi terrorism as the gravest threat to the democratic domains across the world and particularly to India.
“The political processes in Jammu and Kashmir right since the installing of NC government in Jammu and Kashmir have nourished Muslim separatism and communalism.
“In fact various governments in Jammu and Kashmir spearheaded by National Conference and PDP have operated as vehicles for the use of democratic domains for growth of Islamic fundamentalisation and separatism.
“It is critical to realize that the so-called political mainstream in Jammu and Kashmir represented by the regional parties NC and PDP deliberately or by implication. Athrough their policies when they were in government and their political approach have served as the overground support structures of separatist establishment and terrorist regimes.
“Subversion of Democracy happens when democratic space is allowed to be used for politics which violates the constitution and basic ideology and integrity of the nation.
“Panun Kashmir also asserts that the core content of the internal strategic policy on Jammu and Kashmir of the Government of India has been to use Muslim halfway separatism and Muslim religious sub nationalism as political devices to foster nationalism and secularism. This strategy has only acted as a long protracted suicide for the nation and has actually lead to building up of internal support structures for separatism, fundamentalism and terrorism.
“If harnessing halfway Muslim separatism and empowerment of Muslim Communalism is not abandoned lock stock and barrel as a strategic and tactical outlook then even if Pakistan stops all support to separatism and terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir it will still survive and perpetuate.
“Panun Kashmir also states very unambiguously that land grab and encroachments has been an integral part of the demographic war being waged on Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir. It has implications of genocidal destabilization for Hindus. Hence evacuating lands illegally encroached should be followed to its logical end.”

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