“The AAP Story”: BJP alleges “sex for job” scandal, demands sacking of Punjab minister

New Delhi [India], May 7 (ANI): The BJP on Sunday alleged that the National Commission for Scheduled Castes issued a notice to the Punjab government in connection with a complaint of alleged “sexual misconduct” of a boy by a state minister, and demanded his sacking from the cabinet.
“The story of how the AAP is against the Scheduled Caste is being exposed through ‘The AAP Story’. A story of terrifying exploitation, sexually predatory behaviour, and moral degradation to the lowest levels. The National Commission for Scheduled Castes has taken cognisance and issued a notice to the Punjab government over its minister Lal Chand Kataruchak,” BJP national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawala said at a press conference in the national capital on Sunday. “The victim came on camera saying that he was subjected to sexual misconduct by the minister, who lured him with the promise of a job. This minister, exploiting his position, power, and influence, abused and exploited this young boy. The entire testimony is on video,” Poonawala added.
The BJP leader said the Punjab governor also took cognisance of the matter and asked the government if the minister can continue in his post in light of these grave allegations.
“The victim filed a complaint with the National Commission for Scheduled Castes, based on which notice was issued to the Punjab government, DGP, and Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann on the action taken. The governor also took cognisance of the matter. The forensic report on the video established the veracity of the clip. The governor has asked the Punjab government to clarify if such a person could remain in the cabinet,” he said.
Describing the alleged incident as the Aam Aadmi Party’s “sex-for-job model”, Poonawala alleged that the party’s top brass gives “protection” to such leaders.
“This is their ‘sex-for-job’ model. Once a Delhi Minister was caught on camera indulging in misconduct with a woman. The AAP defended him at a press conference. The ‘sex-for-job’ model is growing popular (in the AAP) with protection at the highest level,” the BJP spokesperson alleged.
The BJP leader demanded Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and AAP supremo to sack him and conduct an unbiased investigation.
“I demand from the nominal CM of Punjab, Bhagwant Mann and the Super CM Kejriwal as well as the acting CM Raghav Chadha to come clean on what action would be taken against this minister. Can there be an impartial probe till he remains a minister? We demand that the minister be sacked and a probe instituted against him at the earliest. The probe should be free from any influences by the state government. We don’t the state government to manipulate the probe in any manner. Why didn’t Bhagwant Mann act against this minister for so long? Why are AAP and Kejriwal defending such a man?” he said.

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