The 7-Inch Touchscreen PC – Shuttle D10

Here is world’s most useless PC of all time – the Shuttle D10. I know that it features a touchscreen and Core 2 Duo E4000, E2000 or Celeron 400 series, 2GB of RAM and 4 USB ports, but the screen measures 7-inches and the resolution is maximum 800×480. My point is that you cannot do anything on a 7-inch PC which costs $500.

Shuttle D10

Well, good thing that this desktop is only available in Japan, but it seems like it will come to the US soon enough. $500?!?!? A 9-inch Eee PC is cheaper and it has a bigger screen where you can actually view some photos. Now, I will leave it up to you to say if it’s indeed useless. I would put it on a space shuttle and send it towards a black hole.

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