Thailand β€” a new destination for Indian wedding ceremonies


Phuket: The big fat Indian wedding has found a new overseas destination β€” this island bounded by the emerald green and blue seas and lush green mountains and Thailand capital Bangkok.

More and more Indians are choosing Phuket as also Bangkok for wedding functions for the last three years, say Thai tourism board officials and owners of restaurants and event management companies owned by Indians of Thai origin.

Sid Sehgal, the Thai-Indian owner of the restaurant Indus in a plush locality of Bangkok, said he had organized 40 Indian weddings in Thailand last year 28 such functions have already been held this year.

He said Thai tour operators and event management companies take up the entire responsibility of organizing the weddings β€” right from transfer to and from airport in Phuket or Bangkok, holding the wedding ceremonies, reception, shopping and local transport.

Sehgal said many members of Marwari community from KolkataΒ  had chosen Bangkok as the venue for weddings and people from other parts of India are also increasingly opting Thailand for the occasion.

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