Texas, Howard County, Maryland declare Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Day

Texas, Howard County declare Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Day. — IANS

Bengaluru, Aug 2 (IANS) Art of Living Founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has become the first and only spiritual leader to be honoured with proclamations by 30 cities across US and Canada with two more regions Howard County, Maryland, and the state of Texas joining the recognition.

The proclamations honour and acknowledge the tireless efforts of The Art of Living foundation in serving, spreading peace, joy, resolving conflicts, working for the environment and bringing communities together in an increasingly polarised world, an official statement said on Wednesday.

“Emboldened by deep seated convictions, Gurudev and his followers have journeyed to war-ravaged regions of the world, counseled hardened prisoners, and resolved seemingly irreconcilable differences…” read the citation by Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott.

In addition, the executive proclamation made by Howard County, Maryland mentions, “a global humanitarian, spiritual leader, peace envoy  and one of the most recognised change makers in the world…and while the fabric of our society has been torn apart by polarisation and isolation, Gurudev strives to bring our society and world together through peace, unity, hope and self renewal at both the individual and societal levels…”

While Howard County declared July 22, 2023; Texas and Birmingham declared July 29 and July 25 respectively as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Day, citing the immense contribution of the spiritual leader and the organisation in transforming the lives of people through spirituality and service.

The cities accorded a warm welcome to Gurudev, as he met and addressed thousands of seekers across backgrounds, races and genders, taking them on the “Journey Within” through powerful meditations. The cities also witnessed the launch of ‘Notes for the Journey Within’, a book that answers every timeless question that comes up in a sincere seeker’s mind on the path of spirituality and daily living.

Last month, the US County of Allegheny became the 28th US city to honor Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for his humanitarian efforts in peace and conflict resolution. The citation had read as, “…his efforts to unite diverse communities through volunteerism and social initiatives to reduce inner-city violence and crime, are only eclipsed by his initiatives that bring cultures and communities together during conflict…”

The spiritual leader’s tour of the US comes close on the heels of the grand World Culture Festival to be hosted between September 29 and October 1 where he will lead one of the largest gatherings for peace and celebration of cultural diversity at the iconic National Mall, Washington DC.

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