Terror is terror, no political spin can justify it: Jaishankar

New Delhi [India], November 19 (ANI): External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Saturday called for an “undifferentiated and undiluted” approach towards fighting terrorism, saying that “terror is terror, and no political spin can ever justify it.”
Addressing the ‘No Money For Terror’ conference today, he said, “It is important that all states collectively follow an undifferentiated and undiluted approach to terrorism. Terror is terror, and no political spin can ever justify it.” “Most states are today making efforts to put effective and deterrent domestic against terrorist entities. There are, however, a few who aid and support, and justify terrorism and wilfully provide financial assistance and safe havens,” he said, in an apparent reference to Pakistan.
While cross-border support is behind terrorist attacks, Jaishankar said the irony is that any response by authorities to terrorism stops at their geographical borders because that is where jurisdiction ends. “These limitations play to the benefits of the terrorist groups.”
“In India’s context, terrorist groups from across the border like LeT, JeM or Harkat-ul Mujahideen and their proxies thrive on assured financial support to commit barbaric acts of terror on Indian soil,” he added.
Despite Security Council resolution 2462 to curb the financing of terrorism, Jaishankar the implementation of the resolution by members remains uneven, in some cases due to a lack of political will.
“The global fight against terrorism cannot succeed without conscious and coordinated efforts to counter financing of terrorism,” he said.
He also highlighted how recent trends suggest that terrorist groups have found new ways to finance their activities, appears these groups are quicker to embrace and adopt new anonymous financial and payment technologies.
“Misuse of financial technology such as Blockchain, virtual cryptocurrencies, digital crowdsourcing and prepaid phone cards, have posed a great risk for the efforts of countering terror financing,” he said.
“Fake charities and fake non-profit organisations have become frequent sources of terror financing. We must be on guard against such entities and their operations,” he added.
Jaishankar said that India has been steadfast in seeking effective and unambiguous actions against terrorism and terror financing. The External Affairs Minister noted that India has taken risk assessment in recent years and gearing up for its upcoming mutual evaluation, under FATF.
“India will remain committed and energetic to highlight the existential threats that terrorism poses to global security and stability. We will shine the spotlight on this peril,” he added.
He said India will organize a briefing on counter-terror next month under its Presidency of Security Council.

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