Telugu action-spy-thriller ‘Devil- The British Secret Agent’ to release on Nov 24

Devil- The British Secret Agent. — IANS

Hyderabad, Aug 6 (IANS) Popular actor Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, who is best known for movies such as ‘Athanokkade’, ‘Hare Ram’ ,’118′ and ‘Bimbisara’ among others, has announced the official release date of his upcoming film ‘Devil-The British Secret Agent’ in a new poster: November 24.

Directed by Naveen Medaram, the movie is set during pre-Independence India, just nearing the end of the British Raj during the era of World War 2 in 1945. The movie is set in the area of what was then known as the Madras Presidency and features Nandamuri Kalyan Ram as a British spy solving some mystery.

While most of the details for the film have been kept completely under wraps, some details did come out from the makers which state that the film will connect threads of the past with the present, with a mystery that presents itself in a completely unforeseen manner, and it will take all of Nandamuri’s skills to solve it, all the while maintaining his secrecy.

The film had earlier revealed its teaser back in July which gave a very interesting glimpse into the film, but offered absolutely nothing regarding the storyline. Only thing to be gathered from that, was the ‘Devil’ is the codename for Kalyan Ram’s character and he is essentially a super spy which the British Raj government uses only for the biggest cases. As such he is their ace in the hole.

The movie will feature grand production, action, a bizarre but interesting storyline with actress Samyukhta Menon set to play the female lead. The teaser gave the aura of some kind of a dark and brooding film, but nothing much is known so far.

‘Devil –The British Secret Agent’ will also be released in other languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam with grand cinematography and visuals. The movie is yet another addition to the spree of big budget Telugu action features coming up, with another addition being Prabhas’ ‘Salaar Part 1’.

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