Telangana to pay old-age pension for people above 57 from August

Hyderabad, July 4 (IANS) The Telangana government will provide old-age pensions to people aged above 57 years from August, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao announced on Sunday.
In remarks after inaugurating various development works in Rajanna Sircilla district, he said the decision to reduce the eligibility age limit for old-age pensions from 65 years to 57 years will be implemented from next month.
The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) had promised to reduce the eligibility age limit in the 2018 Assembly elections. After it retained power, the state cabinet in July 2019 approved the proposal.
The monthly pension for various categories of beneficiaries was also increased from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,016 as per the election promise.
However, the decision to reduce the old-age pension eligibility age limit could not be implemented due to various reasons.
KCR, as the Chief Minister is popularly known, also announced on Sunday that the government plans to launch a life insurance scheme for the weavers providing insurance coverage of Rs 5 lakh in case of accidental death.
The TRS chief recalled that before formation of Telangana state, some people had expressed doubts whether Telangana could achieve anything, but it has had proved that anything can be achieved if there is integrity and purity of purpose and speech.
He said that his government fixed clear targets and ensured that those targets are achieved. Stating that Telangana is marching ahead on the path of progress, he said none can stop the journey that he embarked on to develop Telangana state and set it as an example for others.
KCR said the state achieved tremendous progress in various sectors during the last six years. He claimed that wonders were achieved in agriculture sector. He said farmers who had migrated from villages in the past as they were unable to do farming were returning due to the changed situation. He said 92 lakh tonnes of paddy produced in Telangana was sold to the Food Corporation of India.
The Chief Minister said under Mission Kakatiya, revival and restoration of water tanks was taken up across the state and as a result, the lakes are today brimming with water. He said Telangana proved its capability from Mission Kakatiya to Kaleshwaram project.
He said some people resorted to false propaganda for political mileage while some others were pessimistic but the government ignored them to complete the projects.
KCR said a programme for sheep rearing was taken up at a cost of Rs 8,000 crore. Under the first phase, sheep were distributed among beneficiaries by spending Rs 4,000 crore. The second phase would be launched soon.
He said his government will spend Rs 45,000 crore for empowerment of the Dalits in the state over next five years under the Chief Minister’s Dalit Empowerment scheme. “We have lifted Godavari River to 500 metres irrigate our lands. Can’t we uplift the Dalits?” he asked.
The Chief Minister, who inaugurated a new building of the nursing college in the district, announced enhanced stipend for nursing students. First year students will get Rs 5,000, second year Rs 6,000 and third year students will get Rs 7,000. He also assured a government medical college and a government engineering college for Rajanna Sircilla district next year.
He also inaugurated the first-ever Institute of Driving Training and Research (IDTR), inaugurated the double bedroom dignity housing project at Mandepalli village, a modern agriculture market yard located at Sardapur village and the Integrated District Collectorate Complex.

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