Telangana: Samosa seller’s son secures All India 6th rank in JEE Mains

Hyderabad: Young Vabilisetti Mohan Abhyas of Hyderabad has put forth an exemplary example to others that nothing is impossible if you have the zeal to work hard.
Mohan who recently secured the All India sixth rank and South India first rank in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains 2017 belongs to a low income earning family that is engaged in the ‘samosa making’ business.
“I credit my success to my parents. It might be a small thing for students like me, but for my parents it is a great achievement. After all the hard work they have done for us, they deserve it,” Mohan said.
Mohan who wants to become a scientist like his idol, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam thanked his teachers for teaching him well.
Subba Rao, Mohan’s father, said, “We have worked very hard for our son’s studies. My daily income is 500 rupees and within that income we had to manage everything.
Delighted by his son’s achievements, Rao said he wants to see him become a scientist someday.
Proving determination and hard work are sole ingredients for success, Mohan is a true inspiration for other students from financially weak backgrounds.

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