Tamil Nadu number one in attracting domestic tourists again

Chennai: Tamil Nadu tourism has carved a unique position for itself in emerging as first among the Indian states in attracting domestic tourists during 2016 for the third consecutive year.  And it is likely to retain the same number position with regard to receiving foreign footfalls, for the third time.

Over all, India had seen 165.3 crore domestic footfalls last year. Tamil Nadu alone has welcomed 34.43 crore domestic visitors during 2016 as against 33.34 crores the previous year and 47.25 crore foreign national during the year gone by as against 46.85 crore foreigners during 2015.

“The increase in footfalls not only indicate the growing patronage for the exotic destinations in the state but also project the image of a peaceful state in the country,” a senior tourism official said.

The department has been laying special focus on improving the amenities and the tourism officials led by TTDC’s managing director H. S. Meena took up effective campaign blitzkrieg to showcase the attractions in Tamil Nadu, the official pointed out.

Given the patronage, the state is likely to retain its first rank in terms of luring the foreign nationals in 2016 too. The state caught the nation’s attention when it edged out Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and even Andhra Pradesh and occupied the first position in receiving both domestic and foreign tourists
2014.  It repeated its performance during 2015 and now its spectacular performance in 2016.

Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh have maintained the first and second
rank respectively while Madhya Pradesh has gained several ranks to reach the third position leaving Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra at the succeeding fourth, fifth and sixth positions.

West Bengal surpassed Telangana to attain the seventh position rendering Telangana at the eighth, followed by Gujarat and Rajasthan. The top ten States in terms of number of domestiv tourist visits (in crores), during 2016 are: TN (34.43), Uttar Pradesh (22.96), Madhya Pradesh (18.47), Andhra Pradesh (15.85), Karnataka (12.98), Maharashtra (11.54), West Bengal (7.45), Telangana (7.15), Gujarat (4.28) and Rajasthan (4.15).

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