Talwars donate Rs. 98,000 earned in jail to inmates

Ghaziabad: The Talwar couple pledged a sum of over Rs 98,000, earned as daily wages during their stay in Dasna jail, to fellow inmates as they walked out of the prison on October 16.
While Rajesh Talwar spent 1,471 days in Dasna jail, including his term as an undertrial prisoner in 2008, Nupur spent 1,451 days in the jail, including her stay as an undertrial and excluding the small periods when she was out of the jail on four occasions on short-term bail bonds issued by the Allahabad high court.
According to jail officials, the total wages were calculated separately for Rajeshand Nupur for the number of days they worked in the jail at the rate of Rs 40 per day.
“The Talwar couple had earlier made it clear that they will not accept this money from the jail. They gave it away as charity for the prison and it will be spent on constructive purposes. Rajesh and Nupur earned at least Rs 49,000 each during their stay in the jail. They also gave away several of their personal belongings to fellow inmates before being released, and have taken only whatever were of utmost use to them, including clothes and medicines,” said jail superintendent Dadhiram Maurya. During their stay in Dasna jail, Rajesh worked in the dental clinic that was revived inside the jail hospital. Nupur worked on various activities undertaken by the jail authorities for women inmates, including stitching and tailoring, with the help of an NGO, India Vision Foundation. Nupur also assisted at the dental clinic, whenever there were complaints from women inmates.
Jail officials said the couple handed over most of their books to fellow inmates who wanted to read them.

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