Take Sonia, Congress leaders head on to rid nation of corruption


By Dr. Hilda Raja

Via e-mail

Congress Party president Sonia Gandhi’s statement,  “We will take corruption head on,” sounds brave. This “head on business” will show her as the first casualty for denigrating every constitutional post and foisting herself as an extra-constitutional power, undermining the Prime Minister’s post and actions, and constituting her own Parliament called the NAC. The Congress Party is corruption and corruption is Congress Party — the twain can never be parted.

Not to be left behind Union Home Minister P. Chidam-baram wants us to close our eyes and attune our antennae to the audio sounds emanating from Rahul Gandhi in Rajiv Gandhi’s voice. Rajiv Gandhi was taking the Congress not to the 21st century but down the slide — his death came in handy for the Congress fortunes to be revived and the states, which went to the polls after his assassination, won on sympathy vote and not on the 21st century vision.

To continue Chidambaram with his closed eyes, is saying “Millions are not connected to our economic system not because they do not want to, but have no opportunity to. Why is the per capita income so low at the bottom 20 percent of India?”   We need to imagine a lot of things. One, to whom is he addressing with his closed  eyes? The Prime Minister seems always to have both his eyes and ears closed hence he needs to be charged for his silence and inaction. To whom is Chidambaram asking why the bottom of the 20 percent population of India’s income is so low?  That must be attributed to the economist Prime Minister of ours and the Congress Party.  It needs to be addressed by the Finance Minister, who keeps asking us to live in hope — that the prices of essential commodities will come down.

Can Chidambaram tell us why onions are being sold today for more than Rs. 80 per kilo? Then the séance continues —  he has put everyone on the couch and is performing a psycho analysis — start imaging he tells us with eyes closed and ears opened. Imagine we heeded the call of Rahul Gandhi, who imagines every child in school vaccinated and inoculated, imagine leaving school with skills… imagine everyone out of the college with a job.  Then the analyst is suddenly pushed off his feet by the awakened tranced people and confronted with the questions,  “Why have you failed to achieve all this? Why have you kept us in a trance and why the hell are you the Home Minister and why is the Congress in power, which failed to achieve all this?” Chidambaram winds up his séance by predicting that the Opposition turn will not come for the next 10 years,  because they have still to wind up the hustle and the bustle of corruption activities. Chi-dambaram is making sure that his position will be safeguarded and hence this closed eyes and opened ears like open sesame and shut sesame. Only he will get shut within his own guilty conscience. His opened ears had not heeded the wails and cries of those gunned down by the Islamic terrorists — his closed eyes see only “saffron” for he is color blind and his great task of fulfilling the vision of Rahul Gandhi is limited to the exchanging of dossiers with Pakistan, which is having the last laugh. Remember the WilkiLeaks referring to Chidambaram as demanding an interview with Headley for saving his face.

The grand finale of the whole theatrics of the drama enacted by the Congress Party and staged at Burari was good entertainment. For a moment one thought it was the BJP’s voice when we closed our eyes and opened our ears. It sounded like the BJP’s voices against corruption. Then when we got out of the trance and opened our eyes it was all Congress faces — faces of the corrupt and the leaders of the corrupt.

The puppeteer had a break and the puppet of the Prime Minister spoke. He invoked Caesar’s wife to be above suspicion. It was more a soliloquy. He has nothing to hide and is magnanimous to offer to be enquired by the Public Accounts Committee. The Prime Minister must know very well that the PAC has no powers to probe into a wide spectrum of the 2G spectrum except look into the accounts. So why should he offer to be probed by a PAC, which is not empowered to probe him or the other aspects, in which he is involved?

If the Prime Minister is innocent as he wants us to believe, then he should bravely declare that the JPC can be constituted and he is prepared to appear before it. The fact that the Congress Party is shying away from appointing a JPC itself reveals that the party and the Prime Minister have something to hide. What is the use of a fig leave to cover up? Finally the Prime Minister’s assertion that he did no wrong must be proved by the probing machinery. He cannot give himself a clean chit. Even a child in India will know that the Prime Minister’s silence over his appointed of Adhimuthu Raja as the Minister for Telecom, the Prime Minister’s patience for three years, and his refusal to sack the Minister are the areas where he failed to perform his constitutional duties. He also failed to uphold the oath he had taken when he took over office.

Manmohan Singh must also be answerable why he appointed P.J. Thomas as the Chief Vigilant Commissioner. Does all this prove that like Caesar’s wife, he is above suspicion?

Also Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul Gandhi must realize that this nation is not one of zombies. We are a people capable with tremendous common sense and are highly intelligent politically and socially. They cannot try and replay the “God Father” story in India.

I plead to Sonia Gandhi, her son and all Congress leaders not to take the nation for a ride.

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