Sweater Dresses Look Stylish With Tights, Leggings Or TightJeans

December 17, 2010 : Winter is the season to get fashionable with all the options available in woolens. However if one really wants to look chic and fashionable with a bit of attitude then adorning sweater dresses is the way to go.

Sweater dresses are usually seen as quite boring and out of shape, but that is not true. Selecting the right cut, look and fit always does the trick. So what is the right cut to look for while investing in sweater dresses? The most important point to remember while picking up a sweater dress is to go in for a simple straight cut or the A-Line cut. This helps in hiding the mid riff bulge which most women are prone to have. But if one has a slender waistline and slender hips then picking up a slightly fitted sweater dress will certainly look cool.

However for the women who are looking for a chic and stylish look the sweater dress can be teamed up with tights, leggings or skin tight jeans.

Accessorizing the outfit with beaded jewelry and embellished belts. The neckpieces can be chosen according to the color and the look desired. Chunky jewelery will give a heavy look where as small beaded ones will give a casual one. Belts too can be worn in a variety of styles. Broad belts give a great shape to the waistline, so if one has a waist to flaunt, this is the place to do so. Belts on the hips should only be worn by women with slender hips. For others it is a complete no-no.

The footwear to be paired with the all time favorite sweater dress can be from casual boots, to high heeled pumps to peep toes or even strappy stilettos. Selecting the right footwear depends on whether the look is dressy or casual. Thus for a day time wear select casual footwear
and for the night out just slipping into those high heels will do the trick.

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