Sushil Kumar breaks record, sold for Rs 55 lakh at PWL auctions

New Delhi: Much before the PWL auctions got underway, there was little doubt that Sushil Kumar can become the highest paid wrestler. The owners were making strategies on how they can save money to buy Sushil. With a base price of 25 lakh rupees, he was expected to be costlier than any other Indian wrestler. But by the time the auction ended on December 23, Sushil emerged as the most expensive wrestler not just in this auction, but in the history of the league. Delhi Sultan got him for Rs 55 lakh after a tug-of-war with Veer Maratha team.
Ironically, this was the same tournament from where Sushil’s career hit a roadblock two years ago. In the inaugural auctions, Sushil didn’t get a price he would have liked. Yogeshwar Dutt and three women wrestlers had price higher than him. It was reported that when Sushil pulled out a day before the start of the league, it was because of a rift between him and the organizers about his price. But now it seems that all is settled and his comeback, which began with a gold in Senior Nationals last month, is complete with a record bid. His Rs 55 lakh price-tag is close to Rs 17 lakh more than what he got in 2015.
No other wrestler, Indian or foreign, has ever got a price of even Rs 50 lakh. Vladimir Khinchegashvili was the previous highest sold wrestler for Rs 48 lakh last year. He remained unsold today.
The torch bearer of the sport in the country has proved it again but this league won’t be a an easy outing for him. Haryana Hammers got World Championships 74kg silver medallist Tsabolov who will be Sushil’s biggest challenge. Even Indians like national champion Jitender will be ready to test the legend. But going by the trust Delhi has put in Sushil, this can be the revival for the wrestler who many say as the revivalist of Indian wrestling.
“I would like to congratulate PWL (Pro Wrestling League) and especially Kartikeya Sharma (founder and promoter) for his efforts. Wrestling is loved by the entire country. I believe this (PWL) will turn out to be a great opportunity for the youngsters. It will benefit the youngsters prepare for the Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and Olympics. I believe this will also give a lot of exposure to the youngsters. I am extremely thankful to the Delhi franchise for showing trust in me” Sushil said in a video posted on his official Twitter handle.

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