Surat man started business two years ago at age 83, today turnover is in crores

Surat, July 26 (IANS) Nanaji, an 85-year-old, has become a millionaire at retirement age in Surat. Within two years of starting a business at a very old age, Nanaji has achieved tremendous success.
Radhakrishan Chaudhary popularly known as ‘Nanaji’ hails from Bhagalpur in Bihar, came to Gujarat in 2010 and made Surat his home. In the family there is his wife, three daughters, and their children. B.Com and LLB Radhakrishan Chaudhary was attracted to Ayurveda since childhood. He told IANS that he had such a keen interest in Ayurveda that he would seek treatment for any health problem only with Ayurveda. His library has a collection of over 2500 books related to Ayurveda.
Chaudhary said, “My father had a textile business in Bihar. After graduating in law, I joined the family business. Even then the study of Ayurveda continued but it remained limited to an interest and hobby only. After a few years my hair started falling. I once again looked to Ayurveda to find a cure and prepared hair oil recipes, but as I was busy with my textile business, I could not find time to refine the oil formula.”
Talking about the birth of the ‘Avimee’ business, he said, “After corona, my daughter Vinita’s hair also fell a lot. My daughter told me that since you have studied Ayurveda so much, you should make an oil so that people’s problems are lessened. So, I made the oil. For this I paid attention to small details and procured materials from all over the country. I made sure the ingredients came from the right place and were of the best quality.”
He added “I first experimented on myself. The result was that at the age of 85 my hair started growing and that too black. I was convinced that what I was making was good. Then my wife and my daughter started using the oil. They also started benefiting within two to three months. Then our relatives and neighbours started demanding the oil. My daughter’s son shared this video on Instagram and other social media. After that, so many orders started pouring in that it became difficult to handle.”
Chaudhary says that after getting results, the customers increased. “My grandson created the website and named it Avimee after my three daughters, Avni, Vinita and Meenakshi. People used to place orders after seeing the reels on social media. We must have received about 20,000 orders in a single week. We didn’t have the resources to deal with them. So, we couldn’t fulfil the orders, people started saying we are scamming. Finally, we had to start a factory to satisfy the demand. My family and everyone around appreciate my activity. My family supports me. That is why I am successful.”
About the marketing of this oil, he said that “in the beginning when there was no promotion, it was sold only through friends or relatives. When it was started from home, about 110 to 200 bottles were sold in a month. Related matters like marketing and sales are taken care of by my grandson and his wife. We now manufacture the oil and many other related products. As the demand grew, more products were marketed based on research.”
About the success achieved in a single year, he says, “we have not spent a single rupee on advertisement. People market us from their own experience, I have been using herbal products for years so I have confidence in my products. But I never thought that I would get such success in one year. I believe destiny decides everything; we are just puppets in time’s hand”.
Radhakrishan Chaudhary’s grandson and his wife Ambika Agarwal state that they create insta reels and produce products from premium materials. “We do not spend extra on marketing. We sell products at prices that everyone can afford. We do not compare with any other brand’s products. We are still working on launching more products.”

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