Step out in style

By Indu and Archana

Youngsters these days are trying to make a style statement by mixing and matching different kinds of footwear.

The mix and match footwear are a rage among the youth today. By wearing trendy and colorful flip-flops and matching them with everyday wear, youngsters are out there to make a style statement. Wearing flip-flops gives a cranky look but the teens believe it to be more stylish and eye-catching. 

Irene, a student of M.S. Ramaiah Institution of Technology said, “Cranky style is what I like and the flip-flops are the best option to suit my taste.”

These thongs perfectly complement any outfit, be it formals or casuals. The mesmerizing collection of mix and matches are made with skin-friendly leather, jute, cotton, cloth or rubber. 

Nikitha, a student of Christ University said: “I have a wide range of collection of these flip-flops. They are something unique and different from other footwear.”

Heavy footwear like the pin-point heels, kitten heels and stiletto heels are considered to be bad and unscientifically designed for the body. The lighter your feet, the better is the work done and the flip-flops are a good alternative to those looking for one.

Bhavana, a student of KLE College, said: “My black-red, blue-green and orange-yellow pairs make my feet look perfectly mixed and matched. It attracts people’s attention to my feet and they wonder how confidently I carry the different colors.”

Apart from being stylish, flip-flops are light in weight, easy to carry and come in many vibrant colors, which increase its appeal among young girls.  

The durability of this footwear depends on the usage though. However, Rs. 100 wala rock stars are really the icon in the fashion world of today’s youth.

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