State govt’s top agenda Naga political issue: Neiphiu Rio

Kohima, Feb 22 (PTI) Nagaland Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio Friday told the state Assembly that the Naga political issue is at the top of his governments agenda.
Rio also asserted to undertake all possible measures to bring a congenial atmosphere to facilitate expedited political negotiations.
“All section of the people have been crying out for an early political solution and this government has committed that we will undertake all possible measures to bring a congenial atmosphere that facilitates the political negotiations to be expedited,” he said during the debate on the Governor’s address.
On Opposition members objecting to the governor quoting January 31 Consultative Meeting resolution on Citizenship Amendment Bill, the CM said “objecting to this resolution is not an objection or opposition to the government or the Governors address but it is in fact rejection of a resolution of the civil societies and tribal organization.”
He said the opposition NPF had boycotted the consultative meet and they were unaware of the views and expressions of the mass based organizations.
Nagaland was formed out of the political agreement and Article 371(A) ensure that Nagaland exists, he said adding that to question whether the Article protects the Nagas or not does not arise at all.
“As Nagas we should always stand together irrespective of political affiliation or ideology in one voice and one opinion that we are fully protected by this Article. To even suggest that we are not protected by the Article is a betrayal of the Nagas and is a gesture that questions the formation and existence of Nagaland as a State,” Rio said.
On Naga integration, Rio said six resolutions for integration of Naga inhabited areas were passed in the past years so there is no issue of questioning the stand of the government on Naga “integration”.
He urged all to participate actively and voice out their thoughts during the forthcoming meeting with Interlocutor, R N Ravi on February 26 and 27.
Agreeing to the suggestion made by MLA, Imkong L.
Imchen to hold a special session for discussion on Naga political issue and Article 371(A), Rio said “If we unite we can save our people and move towards development and progress.”
Subsequently, with the clarification and assurance for special session on CAB given by the Leader of the House, the opposition withdrew the amendments on the motion and it was unanimously adopted by the House.

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