Sri Ramakrishna Universal Temple needs financial support


By Swami Chidananda

Homer Glen, IL: As president of  Vivekananda Vedanta Society, I am appealing to everyone to extend  financial support for the Sri Ramakrishna Universal Temple in Homer Glen (Greater Chicago). The Sri Ramakrishna Universal Temple is a branch of the Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, which has its headquarters at Belur Math, India, and is dedicated to serving humanity.

The Chicago branch has great historical significance and is one of the most prestigious centers in the Order. Swami Vivekananda considered Chicago as his headquarters in the West. It was while in Chicago that he expressed his desire for a “Temple Universal” in the West.

For the construction of the Sri Ramakrishna Universal Temple, the Vivekananda Vedanta Society took out a bank loan of $2.7 million. So far, we have been able to reduce the loan to $1.6 million. However, there is still a long way to go. It is very urgent and crucial to pay back the loan at the earliest to be free from heavy interest payments.

Please treat this matter as most urgent and do the needful as soon as possible. Your donations are the chief support of the Vivekananda Vedanta Society.

We are seeking funds in the form of donations and interest-free loans from devotees, friends and well-wishers. The interest-free loans are for a period of three or five years. All the donations are tax deductible.

The Sri Ramakrishna Universal Temple is an historic undertaking. We request your generous support for this noble cause. May the divine Lord bless you and your family with peace, joy and prosperity.

For more information, please call at (708) 301-9062 or visit Web site:

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