Spoiled Indian bread sold in grocery shop


By Krishna Bhagavan

Via e-mail

After exhausting all avenues I am writing to India Tribune to warn others of a potential  health hazard pertaining to packaged food.

A few months ago, we had a party at our residence and we went to Devon Avenue and shopped at our favorite store. We bought about six packets of nan each contained four pieces. My wife cooked a nice dinner and she served the nan. All our guest, including me ate the nan.

The next day we did get calls from our guests complaining of stomach disorders. My daughter, who is a physician, identified the source to nan. She looked at the package and it had no expiration date nor nutritional values. Both are mandatory and not printing them on the package is against the State and Federal food standard regulations. The nan is manufactured at a place in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I sent an E-mail to the company and an Indian gentleman from the company called me and said that the nan meets the health criteria of the government of Ontario. When I told him that the items are peddled in the USA, he hung up on me with the four letter word. I went to the store a few weeks ago and spoke with the owner and showed him the nan and explained my embarrassment. He did not even apologize to the problems I underwent but, however, he assured me that he would contact the manufacturer.

Two days ago, I did go to the store and spoke with all the brothers and warned them to remove the items from the shelf. I am associated with the Health Department and I gave my name and phone numbers. One of the brothers was attempting to contact the vendor in Chicago and what transpired after that I have no knowledge.

Prashant.Shah of India Tribune wrote a wonderful column in the newspaper several months ago about how the present Indians are getting into too much of problems because of their greed for money and many of them are either indicted or being incarcerated. It is really a shame to see such a thing happening in this day of age that too from a  store, who are in business for many years. Being an Indian, I gave many chances to the Indian shop to rectify the shortcomings. I can assure you that he will not correct himself unless I bring a crew from the Health Department and close the place or file a lawsuit with the Cook County Circuit Court for peddling foods not approved by FDA. If a packaged food doesn’t have nutritional labels with ingredients, it could be fatal to anyone, who are allergic to certain types of food like gluten.

This letter may please be construed as an alert to other consumers to check the label for details like expiration date, its nutritional values and allergy warnings on each food packing before they buy packaged foods.

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