Spit in Delhi, attract a fine of Rs 2k

New Delhi, Nov 20 (IANS) The Delhi Lieutenant Governor has amended the Delhi Epidemic Disease Management of Covid-19 regulations 2020, which empowers any ‘authorised person’ to slap a fine of Rs 2,000 for a series of activities including not wearing masks.
“Authorised persons shall be empowered to impose a fine of Rs 2,000 for offence for violating directives/guidelines pertaining to the following,” says a Delhi government notification, dated November 20.
The activities listed are observation of quarantine rules, maintaining of social distancing, wearing of face masks or cover in all public places. It also includes prohibition of spitting in public places as well as prohibition on consumption of paan, gutka, tobacco in public areas.
Earlier, the Delhi government on Thursday made its intention clear to impose Rs 2,000 fine for not wearing masks in public areas, a four-fold increase from the earlier fine.
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made the announcement on Thursday during a press conference held after an all-party meet at Delhi Secretariat over the issue of controlling the pandemic. “I met the Delhi LG earlier in the day and we have decided to impose Rs 2,000 fine for not wearing masks at a public place,” Kejriwal said.
Now, that ambit has been widened and consumption of tobacco, spitting in public places among others are also included.
Delhi has recently seen an unprecedented spike in COVID cases that made the Delhi government bring certain restrictions back in the national capital and the MHA issue a set of 12-point instructions to follow in order to bring the situation under control.

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