‘Sound of Infinity’ band on how water frequencies can heal

New Delhi, Oct 11 (IANSlife)
Following the success of their healing song, Asias first musical healing band, ‘Sound of Infinity’ band, has come up with their second music single, which launched on October 10 during the Mental Health Week.
The video of the music single was shot in Dehradun, near a waterfall and a river, as the band has used natural water sounds. The music also features instruments like rainstick, bamboo rainstick, ocean drum, crystal bowl and a very high resonance of gong.
As per the makers, the music is focused on water frequency.
“The idea of creating this music is to enhance the water element in the human body, which has more than 70 percent water. Every day we take in thousands of thoughts which travel in our body. Our thoughts affect our body’s cells. We get to know about these aftereffects when the cells get distorted in physical forms like cyst, tumor or clot or bigger diseases. If we are uncomfortable with a particular thought, then that is affecting our body. You cannot control your surroundings but whatever you are receiving your body is taking and you can control that by working on the water element,” said the makers.
There are various types of water sounds like, waterfall, raindrops, water flowing from a tap. Even seawater has a different sound.
“So, this particular sound heard in the music, helps to heal one’s insecurities, basic survival, and also the guilt factor and their absorption and suppression. This music piece is a combination of three frequencies or chakras. Just listening and watching this music can bring a difference. If one listens to this sound regularly, the cells which had been distorted can be repaired,” said psychic reformer and sound and energy master Dr Anju Sharma, who founded the band to make people aware that they can cure and heal themselves through music and various frequencies and its vibrations.
This, claims Dr Sharma, is also helpful for people with infertility issues. “Women who listen to this music during ovulation can experience the effects in their body. This is because you are cleaning the water within. Taking a practical example, when you see clean water you feel good whereas when you see dirty water you want to stay away from it. And the work of water is to flow if it stops. Therefore, with these frequencies we are making the water clean which will help you to think big, grow big and able to attract abundance in life. Your mind will be clean. The combination of frequencies will affect pancreas, intestine, stomach, uterus and most importantly kidneys. Furthermore, if a person is diabetic or has sugar craving will see the impact of this music. This music is also beneficial for men with low sperm count,” she shared.
Celebrating Mental Health Week, Dr Sharma also organised a series called �Let’s Talk Dil Se’ in which she had a heart-to-heart conversation with various people from different walks of life like homemakers, doctors, entrepreneurs and kids. Each session focused on the effects of the pandemic on their mental health and how one can deal with it and cure it.
(Siddhi Jain can be reached at siddhi.j@ians.in)

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