Sonia writes to PM, seeks help for stranded migrant workers

New Delhi, March 27 (IANS) Congress’ interim President Sonia Gandhi wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday to draw his attention to the plight of migrant workers, who have been caught in the biggest ever reverse migration process as states closed borders forcing them to return to their hometowns on foot.
“Lakhs of migrant workers are being forced to walk hundreds of miles as there is no public transport available. Several others are stuck in guest houses or hotels and have run out of money to pay their costs,” wrote Gandhi.
She has urged Modi to issue national advisories to make one time transport services available to those walking to their villages or homes. Gandhi has also suggested that District Collectors be advised to extend all possible assistance to those who can no longer afford to stay in lodges or guest houses.
She argued that the purpose of the lockdown should not be defeated “by making the most vulnerable bear its cost”.
Even on Friday morning scores of migrant workers were spotted on the Delhi-Ghaziabad border who were on their way home, walking. Many of them are apprehensive of the situation after the sudden announcement of the 21-day lockdown, while others were sent on leave by their contractors.

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