‘SMART’ health goals

New Delhi, Aug 26 (IANSlife)
The Covid-19 outbreak has brought along the burden of uncertainty and fear amongst people; on a global scale, citizens have now become accustomed to the work from home and quarantine routine.
As we prepare ourselves for a post-lockdown world, keeping in mind various safety and precautionary measures, is imperative. It’s important we maintain and follow a healthy lifestyle, which was adopted during the lockdown- avoid eating outside food, opt for homemade healthy choices, maintain a routine with work and also follow some physical activity to keep yourself from being lethargic. It is imperative to continue a healthy way of life and to keep our immunity intact on a daily basis.
The importance of building a stronger immune system to tackle infections and keep disease at bay is the single most defining element of sustaining a healthy lifestyle!
The immune system of the body is regarded as the first line of defense against bacteria and viruses, making it essential for survival. This can’t be built in a day, but over a period of time. An innate immune system is naturally present while immunity acquired from a vaccination or infection or by transfer of antibodies is called acquired immunity. Nutritionist Sheryl Salis shares ‘SMART’ health goals to help get you started:

S – Simple and Sustainable

Start with a simple diet regime that is easy to follow even on days you are not working from home. Eat a balanced diet with proteins, carbohydrates, and fats; include seasonal fruits, Indian superfoods and green leafy vegetables easily available in the market. Stocking up on local products will make it easier to always include in the diet. Avoid fad diets and fancy foods that are difficult to procure.

M – Measurable

Goals set must always be measurable such as weight lost over a period of time, increased energy through a certain physical exercise etc. Measurable goals will help you compare what has been achieved and what is yet to be achieved. Therefore, a simple diet will allow you to track progress and stay motivated

A – Affordable

The lockdown has brought with it tough financial situations and thus, spending on essentials should be affordable in the long run. Opt for local food produce and superfoods that give the body the required nutrition. Look at your kitchen as pharmacy, it is filled with anti-viral foods that are economical and almost used daily such as ginger, garlic, turmeric, black pepper, cardamom, cloves, fennel seeds, etc. help you stay fit and boost immune system
An Indian staple like virgin coconut oil (VCNO) is another recommended superfood for its myriad health benefits which include boosting energy, aiding in digestion and helps improve the immune system. VCNO can be used in baking, cooking, sautéing or as salad dressing.

The Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) present in virgin coconut oil are known to improve the immune system of the body. Consuming 2 spoons of virgin coconut oil everyday promotes overall health and well-being in the long run.

R – Realistic Goal setting

A goal is essentially an objective you are working towards and therefore set goals that are realistic and achievable. One must also take into consideration the change of routine post lockdown and set health goals accordingly. For example, setting a target to lose 10kg weight in one month is unrealistic compared to 2 kilos per month

T – Time Management

When offices resume, most of us will be short on time to enjoy the leisure of a holistic lifestyle and juggle with work pressure and deadlines. To avoid slipping back into an unhealthy routine, manage your time well by waking up early before sunrise and practice yoga or any physical activity, eat a wholesome nutritional breakfast for a good start the day.

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