Skin condition leaves 2-year-old’s body covered in lizard like scales

New Delhi: Being born with a skin condition can make life difficult for a child and in our society the stigma associated with such physical conditions can make the experience even more devastating. Not long ago a child was labeled as an incarnation of lord hanuman and an alien for a physical condition.
Such is the case of Shama in New Delhi who suffers from a skin condition called lamellar ichthyosis that affects one in six lakh people. The condition has caused hardening of her skin and given her lizard like scale. Her skin also peels off from time to time and leaver her in pain.
The symptoms include plate like scales that are brownish in color and are caused by genetic issues that affect shedding of skin. It can also lead to over heating and skin tightening as it restricts blood flow.
It also leads to difficulty in moving hand joints, hair loss and issues with eyes. Skin cells are produced at normal rates but not shedding normally results in this condition.

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