Skin care during the times of Corona

New Delhi, May 11 (IANS) We have entered lockdown 3.0 and still have uncertain times ahead of us. As much as this lockdown has given us an unprecedented break from our busy routine, it also has brought with itself a fair share of stress, anxiety and a fear of the unknown for the future. Since most of us are at home, a little extra self care will go a long way in not only giving the right attention to ourselves but also making us feel a lot better.
It is probably the best time to develop a routine and develop a skin care regimen in the most intricate and personalised manner. Skin care routines will not differ much from the regular phase to a lockdown phase. However, certain skin conditions may be more common due to the change of hygiene measures and routines that have been incorporated in our lives.
Dr. Samipa. S. Mukherjee, Consultant, Dermatologist, Cloudnine Group of hospitals, gives a sneak peek into it. It is important to remember that if you have a skin condition that needs attention, consider using video consultation services with dermatologists.

Skin care routine:

The basic three steps of skin care remain the same. Prolonged usage of mask can cause bruising, pigmentation, pressure related changes on the skin or contact dermatitis to the material of the mask for which you may need to meet your dermatologist.
Cleansing, moisturising and sunscreens are a person’s best friend when it comes to pampering the skin. The choice of cleansers/facewashes/soaps depends on the skin type. Those of you with a dry or sensitive skin type should prefer a cleansing lotion that is non foaming since they are milder and do not aggravate dryness. For those with oily skin a gentle foaming face wash or a moisturising soap twice daily would do the job. The choice of moisturisers again is tough with so many products available in the market. You may choose from traditional moisturisers to the newer ones with silky smooth feel to matte finish ones.
Remember to keep the ingredients of moisturisers to as less in numbers as possible, as fragrance free as possible and preferably a pH balanced formulation. Sunscreens are a must even when you stay at home. Repeat applications of sunscreens during the day is necessary since after 3-4 hours the sunscreens lose their action. So even while staying at home it may be necessary to apply sunscreen at least 2-3 times during the day time.
Most of the sunscreens available today are matte finish so they are very well cosmetically acceptable. While at home in case you do wear make-up it may be worthwhile to use micellar water for make up removal since the make-up used at home are generally short wear water soluble make-up products.

Care of the hands:

Handwashing and routine use of hand sanitisers have become a norm in the COVID times in young and the old alike. As much as it keeps the virus at bay, a lot of people have started complaining of increased dryness of the hands, burning sensation, peeling of skin and development of dry patches and developing cracks in the hand skin. This results from repeated hand wash and use of hand sanitisers which destroys the natural moisturisers and protective layer of the skin. As much as hand hygiene is necessary during these times few tips will prevent the development of these problems.
*Use moisturising soaps for hand wash and gel based sanitisers
*Repeat application of plain moisturisers and petroleum jelly after every hand wash or sanitiser use
*Repeated use of coconut oil on the hand also helps prevent dryness and flaking of skin
*Wearing hand gloves while using harsh soaps during mopping, vessel cleaning or washing clothes
*Meeting your dermatologist at the earliest if you develop cuts in the skin or dry patches on the hands that do not resolve on moisturiser application

Avoid long nails

Hair care:

Hair care does not differ much from the routine times. Washing your scalp every alternate day may be a good idea since it helps in clearing the sweat and grime that accumulates in hot climatic conditions. Usage of a conditioner immediately post a mild shampoo helps in improving the texture of the skin. Hair nutrition diets like almonds, green leafy vegetables, apples, pomegranate and sprouts are a rich source of vitamins and micro minerals required for hair growth.

Diet and lifestyle changes

The incorporation of simple techniques in routine practice not only helps the skin and hair but also helps in having a healthy mind and body. Simple changes in lifestyle and routines will go a long way in giving you not only a beautiful skin but also a healthy mind and body.

Exercise daily

*Meditate for sometime during the day
*Drink plenty of water
*Eat foods rich in antioxidants like lemons, limes, tomatoes, haldi
*Do not binge or overeat

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