Silver Fox Fur Collar

We are fur garment manufactory in Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, P.R.China. Our main Bussiness include rabbit fur,rex rabbit fur, fox fur, mink fur, raccoon fur garments, wool tops, hat wool tops and fur collars etc.. We have the Rights of Self-Managed Import and Export, and our annual output value of 5 million U.S. Dollars. per year.
All the fur coat we’re selling are the factory direct sale, the price we listed here are not the really price, if you are interest in any item, please let me know. the mass qty price (just some labour costs), so the real price is according the order you send to us.
We do usually count the prise by skin size,
raccoon fur RMB 0.35;
fox fur RMB 0.55;
mink fur RMB 0.65;
rex rabbit fur RMB 0.15;
rabbit fur RMB 0.04.
For example, fox fur size 80cm*1cm=RMB44=USD6.5
We can customize according to your samples.
The exact price is to the sample of your subject.
If you are interesting in any item of our products, please let us know.
70cm in length and 1cm in width is the usually used size in China on garments and hats.
There may be existent 1-2 cm excess or less in actual size.
[Material Detail]:
All of our items are made of 100% real fur. But these special animal are fed on the farm ,not wild animal.
We use the whole fur to cut into pieces, never use the edge or low quality fur to cheat customers. Because we know good quality make longer cooperation. All the animals are farm-raised, not wild.

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