Sikh non-profit launches food bank in Canada

Ottawa, March 23 (IANS) A Sikh non-profit has launched an emergency food bank in Canada to assist with the overwhelming demand for food, supplies and hygiene products to help those in need amid the coronavirus pandemic, it was reported.
The organisation, United Sikhs, has appealed to the public to avoid, “panic buying” of supplies, the Global Newswire said in a report.
“When the general public is asked to stock their shelves for an undetermined amount of time, they overlook a great number of families who cannot afford to do so,” said Operations Manager, Canadian Chapter, Harpreet Singh.
“For those families, United Sikhs is dedicated to making sure they receive the supplies they need.”
The food bank free supplies include canned goods, hot meals, dry goods and medicines.
In a statement, the organisation’s CEO Jagdeep Singh, saidd: “Our seniors, children and vulnerable groups with pre-existing medical conditions are suffering the most due to this pandemic.
“Those who are financially able should consider donating to United Sikhs today so this free Emergency Food Bank of life essentials can be expanded to everyone who needs it.”
Canada has so far reported 1,469 confirmed coronavirus cases with 21 fatalities.

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