Show on climate change effects in India on TV soon

Mumbai, Dec 23 (IANS) A documentary show titled “India 2050″, which will unravel the potential dangers of uncontrolled environmental degradation and climate change in India, will soon find its way onto the small screen.
The show, which gives a sneak peek into the future, will premiere on Discovery Channel on December 29.
The show begins with Jaipur, as imagined in 2050, and shows that the city is completely buried under piles of sand. It then moves to the futures of cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata, giving viewers a glimpse of what is to come, if something is not done about climate change.
” ‘India 2050’ shines light on what could lie-ahead if we don’t change. It is a wake-up call, urging each one of us to emerge from our collective slumber to act before it gets too late,” said Sai Abishek, Director-Content, Factual and Lifestyle Entertainment – South Asia at Discovery.
Highlighting industrial damage to the ecosystem in the show, Amitav Ghosh, author, said: “We cannot in any way absolve companies and corporations of playing a role in this because we know now that there’s been a huge systematic, well-funded climate denial machine! It was really the role of money, which has actually held up any kind of climate action for a very long time now.”
The film also highlights the crisis of environmental migration and climate refugees.
“We don’t have time anymore. In the month of August 2019, within 12 days, India received more than a thousand extreme and heavy rainfall events! You’re getting to see the worst impacts of climate change and they’re happening now,” said Sunita Narain, Director General, Centre for Science and Environment.

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