Shine with sequins

Shiny disco balls! Until recently, only disco divas and cruise-ship crooners loved sequins.

Turn on the glitz girls, sequins are going to be big this party season. Alexander McQueen showed models wearing sequined leggings! Imagine that. sequined dresses will look great but keep accessories toned down.

Says designer Anamika Khanna, “The 60s disco look is back, sequins in all shapes and sizes look great, tiny sequined shift dresses, blazers and jackets look very stylish.” There’s something angelic about sequins.

Says designer Ranna Gill, “Sequins are a rage, women love sequins and crystals, they look so glamorous. With the coming of the party season, they have become very prominent in most women’s wardrobes.” A sequin-sprayed dress is a must-have for every aspiring fashionista.

Says designer Abhishek Dutta, “Empire line dresses, full of sequins look very fashionable. Girls, who want to go in for a more subdued and less shimmery effect, can wear a matt finish sequin dress to look stylish.”

Adds model Sonalika Sahay, “Dark and understated sequin dresses look beautiful! I’ve asked a designer friend to make one for me.”

What’s even more exciting are dresses with sequins sprayed on graphical designs, adds designer Abhishek Dutta, “Dresses with graphic designs and floral prints with sequins sewn on top of a particular color or portion of the dress look incredibly trendy.” So how do you get β€œthe look?” A sequined clutch, shiny footwear or even a glitzy belt does the trick.

Says designer Ritika Bhasin, “A sequin clutch adds a lot of glamour.” Adds Kalli Mehra of Kokommo, “A chic sequined bag is a must have to make a simple outfit look smart. Bags with dull sequins give a very antique and vintage look.” So girls, get ready to rock that party!

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