Shilpa Shetty’s songs on Google’s cafeteria menu — Yes, food items can make you dance, too

Mumbai: A Shilpa Shetty playlist replaced the food items at Google’s Indian restaurant, Baadal. Surprised? Yes, it’s true! The actress shared a puzzling post on Instagram recently and sent her fans into a tizzy.

Making extra efforts to welcome the actress, the restaurant prepared a special menu when she visited the eatery at Googleplex, the tech giant’s corporate headquarters in California.

Naming all their dishes after the actress’ popular songs, the restaurant welcomed her and made an interesting melange of food and music! And the names will definitely make your mouth water as you hum the songs.

Barasja ae Baadal rice, Tum Lasooni Dal Tadka mein rehte ho, Kadhai Chole ke Dil ka Karaar Lootne, Dil Ne Yeh Kahaa hai Spicy Mushroom Mattar Butter Masala with Cashew se, Churaa Ke Dil Mera, Coconut Irachi Curry, In Dino Dil Mera Tava Roti Hai Keh Raha, Chai la re, Shut Up & Papadam, Raitha Da Season — the interesting names will blow your mind!

Sharing the sweet gesture on Instagram and Twitter on February 28, the actress wrote: “Googles cafeteria did a special menu on my songs. How cute is that..such a warm welcome.” The post caught many eyeballs and has collected almost 17,000 likes in just one day

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