Sharad Pawar takes back his resignation as the national president of NCP

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 5 (ANI): Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) president Sharad Pawar has withdrawn his decision to quit as party chief after NCP’s committee passed a resolution rejecting Sharad Pawar’s resignation and requested him to continue to lead the party that he founded.
Sharad Pawar had on Tuesday announced his resignation from the party president’s post. While addressing a press conference, Pawar informed about the decision and said, “Because of your love and respect I am taking back my decision to step down as party chief.” “I can’t disrespect your sentiments. Due to your love, I am respecting the demand that was made to me to withdraw my resignation and the resolution that was passed by senior NCP leaders. I withdraw my decision to step down as the national president of Nationalist Congress Party,” said Pawar.
“After my 63 years of public life, I felt I was relieved from my post, but after this, there was a strong reaction from the workers of NCP, the public living with me along with numerous workers and office bearers, expressed sadness over this decision and urged me to reconsider,” he added further.
“Rohit Chintak, my workers who love me, innumerable well-wishers, all of them unanimously called me, my party colleagues from all over the country and especially from Maharashtra and others urged me to take over the responsibility of the post of president again,” said Pawar further.
When asked about the absence of Ajit Pawar at the press conference where he withdrew his resignation he said, “Others are here. Committee took this decision and after their decision, I took my decision back. All are united and discussed this. Senior leaders are there in the committee.”

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