Shah Faesal regrets his name being dragged into money exchange controversy

By Sheikh Qayoom
Srinagar, Dec 1 (IANS)
Former IAS officer, Shah Faesal, who left the service to join politics and later decided to say goodbye to politics as well, said on Tuesday that he has nothing to go with a raging controversy regarding exchange of money involving his former political associate, Shehla Rashid Shora.
The controversy started recently when Shehla’s father, Abdul Rashid Shora wrote a letter to local police seeking protection against his daughter, Shehla and his wife.
Shehla’s father stirred the hornet’s nest when he said he was called by former legislator, Engineer Rashid and one Zahoor Watali who allegedly offered him Rs 3 crore for his daughter who was planning to form a new political party.
Abdul Rashid Shora said he denied to accept the money and later also advised his daughter not to accept the money.
Rashid alleged that his daughter threatened him to keep quiet since she had already accepted the money. The father alleged that Shehla told him to keep quiet since talking about the issue would harm his life.
Both Engineer Rashid and Zahoor Watali are presently in Tihar Jail following the NIA FIR that alleges that the two were involved in terror funding.
Shehla had joined the JK People’s Movement (JKPM), the party Shah Faesal formed after resigning from civil service.
Faesal has since left the JKPM. He was the first to react to the development involving Shehla Rashid.
“While I know the perils of public life, I feel extremely sad to see my name being dragged into something with which I am not even remotely associated.
“I will be glad to go before @JKP NIA CBI ED and assist in the investigations”, Faesal said on his Twitter page.
He further distanced from the controversy saying in another comment, ” As far as my name has been dragged into the family dispute of a former colleague, I want to make it clear that I have neither met nor consulted any of the terror accused persons, directly or indirectly, not to speak of seeking their support or benefiting from them”.
Meanwhile, Shehla Rashid has tried to dismiss her father’s allegations blaming him for beating her mother and being a depraved person.
Shehla said in her defence, “Many of you must have come across a video of my biological father making wild allegations against me and my mum and sis. To keep it short and straight, he’s a wife-beater and an abusive, depraved man. We finally decided to act against him, and this stunt is a reaction to that”.

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