Sex racket busted in Delhi’s Aman Vihar, four arrested

New Delhi, Apr 19 (PTI) A sex racket was busted and four persons were arrested in a joint operation conducted by the Delhi Commission For Women (DCW) and police in outer Delhi’s Aman Vihar, the women’s panel said Friday.
The DCW received a call on women’s helpline 181 about a prostitution racket being run from a house in his neighbourhood in Aman Vihar, it said.
A DCW team reached the area on Thursday early morning and interacted with the residents who confirmed that a sex racket was being run from the house during daytime.
The team noticed four women entering the house around 10.30 am.
Thereafter, one of them left the house after 15 minutes. Soon, men on bikes and scooters started coming to the house. They were seen placing calls before being allowed to enter the premises. Bamboo ‘chiks’ covered the house in such a way that it was difficult to see what activity was going on inside, they said.
The DCW team informed the police and thereafter entered the premises with the police in the afternoon. The team found six-seven men and three women in the house, they added.
On realizing that they were caught red-handed, the owner of the house, identified as Gautam, opened a back door to allow four of them to escape. They were, however, caught by the residents surrounding the house, the women’s panel said.
The DCW team took all persons to Aman Vihar police station where the women stated that they were adults and were engaging in prostitution on their own will.
They said they received Rs 250 per client and each woman “had to sleep with at least seven clients” during the day. While one woman informed that she was an orphan, another stated that she was victim of physical abuse by her drug-addict husband and had chosen this way to support her family. The third girl, who was an Assamese, refused to say anything, they said.
A senior police official said three women and a man, who was owner of the house, were arrested.
“We received information from the DCW on Thursday and raided the premises. Three women and a man, the owner of the house, were arrested. Further investigation is underway,” the police officer said.

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