Seven-month-old boy youngest mayor in US

Whitehall (Ohio, US), Dec 18 (IANS) William Charles “Charlie” McMillian may be wet behind the ears, but he is all set to shoulder quite a few responsibilities: The seven-month-old boy has been unveiled as the youngest Mayor in the US.
The infant — who became an honorary Mayor of Whitehall, Texas, during the weekend — will toddle through his one-year tenure with the slogan: “Make America Kind Again”.
Mayor Charlie was all decked up in a black tuxedo — forgive his slobbering, if you will — as around 150 guests celebrated his appointment at the Whitehall Community Centre a few days back.
The “swearing-in” ceremony was held as he was “elected” in October to serve the local communities in Grimes County.
Newsweek reported that Charlie “stood” on the podium with his adoptive parents Chad and Nancy McMillian as members from the local communities looked on.
As the happy kid kicked about and prattled, a band played patriotic music. Performances from a local high-school dance group and a mock secret service were the other highlights.
Charlie’s customised oath of office went off like this: “I, William Charles McMillan, do solemnly promise that I will faithfully execute the office of the Mayor of Whitehall and will to the best of my ability: Be kind to everyone on the playground, promote life, adoption and good, clean country living, pave all the gravel roads, take cookies to the Volunteer Fire Department, catch the biggest catfish, and preserve, protect and defend the community of Whitehall, so help me, Mom and Dad!”
The honorary Mayor’s role is auctioned off to the highest bidder every year during an annual BBQ Fundraiser.
On October 20, Charlie was pronounced this year’s winner, entitling him to a year-long term.
Charlie’s adoptive mother Nancy said: “Whether you’re a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, Charlie loves ya.”
Perhaps the rigors of the ceremony itself seemed to weigh heavy on Charlie’s mind as he was seen falling asleep on the lap of one of the dance performers in the evening hours.
“I think the event really wore him out,” his mother said.
Next month, the McMillians will visit Washington DC to meet Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

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