Seniority does not guarantee party ticket: Rahul Gandhi

Dahod (Gujarat), May 10 (IANS) Only those who work for and fight for people are guaranteed a Congress party ticket to contest elections, was the clear message from the party’s former president and leader Rahul Gandhi.
Gandhi, while addressing the party’s tribal leaders in Dahod, spelt out the party strategy for the tribal leaders. “Tribals main issues are forest, land and water, from party workers to senior leaders every one will have to stand with them, fight for them, one has to reach out to them through door to door campaign, covering each village.” He added that only sincere workers and fighters are guaranteed a party ticket, seniority does not guarantee a ticket, no work no ticket.
Without naming the Statue of Unity, Gandhi said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has developed some symbols at the cost of adivasis, these symbols have ruined local tribals lives, it has not benefitted them. Congress workers need to fight for them, tribals are fighting against the river interlinking project, Congress workers and leaders will have to fight for their cause.
Under Modi’s leadership the BJP has ruined the country’s economy, small and medium scale industries have suffered a lot and many have closed down. SME is the spine of the Indian economy, generating lakhs and crores of jobs, without it Modi government cannot generate employment in Gujarat or the nation, claimed the Congress leader.
Giving a morale booster dose, Gandhi said this time the Congress has a better chance to win the elections than 2017. It is up to you to ensure it, if you enter the war field with a mindset that Congress can’t do it, you will fail, but if you start the fight with confidence and faith in yourself that you can win, the Congress will make it. You all need to understand the BJP and the media will run a campaign that the Congress can’t do it, you have to prove them wrong, he added.

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