Senior citizens in community need care


By Kalim Khan
Las Vegas, NV:
I read article -ā€” Caring for the elderly in community ā€” by Sam GeorgeĀ  in India Tribune dated May 1. This has been a very chronic problem facing the Indian seniors suffering from depression, loneliness, and outcasteĀ  by their own family members. Even though they all live in the same house, for the elderly people, there is nobody else to talk to their personal problems.

This problem of Indian seniors persists throughout America, and yet, as far as I know, there are no responsible leaders in theĀ  Indian community, who have done anything for them. Why?

As a former resident of Chicago since 1963 through 2005, I saw a flood of Indians coming to America. They are highly educated and skilled persons.Ā  They have brought with them their elderly people. The Indian community consists of Gujaratis, Hindus, Jains, Muslim, Marathi, Bengali, Christian and many others, but there is yet to have a special organizations or a clubĀ  nationwide or locally to cater to Indian seniors. The seniorsā€™ own family members are today busy taking care of their own children and working, thus the seniors are left alone.

I suggest theĀ  responsible Indian community organizationsĀ  and member of the ethnic media to get-togetherĀ  and form clubs locally and nationwide to help their seniors.Ā 

I am a 75-year-young retired engineer and I request India Tribune and other media to publish a list of all organizations ā€” at local as well as national levels – that are catering to the seniors.

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