Scared of Narendra Modi, Opposition united like cats, dogs and snakes, says Amit Shah

Mumbai: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah on April 6 said that Modi government will neither scrap the reservation policy nor allow anyone else to do so. “Rahul and NCP chief Sharad Pawar, listen. BJP will never end the reservation policy. And even if you want to end the reservation, BJP will never allow it,” he said in his address on the occasion of the BJP’s 38th Foundation Day rally in Mumbai. This comes four days after people from Dalit community took to streets in different states to protest against the alleged “dilution” of SC-ST Act by Supreme Court.
Shah also made stinging comments against the Opposition parties, which are making efforts to form a coalition to take on the BJP in next year’s Lok Sabha polls, by equating them to ‘snakes’, ‘mongoose’, ‘dogs’ and ‘cats’. “The countdown for 2019 Lok Sabha elections has begun. All the opposition parties are continuously calling for unity to defeat the BJP. I had heard a tale that when a devastating flood comes, all the trees, plants, leaves, etc flow away and then all animals including snake, mongoose, dog, cat, Cheetah, Lion jumps on a single banyan tree because they all are scared of the water below the tree. Similarly, our PM has created fear within the opposition, which is now teaming up to fight the BJP in the election,” said Shah. PM Modi’s leadership will see BJP emerging with grand success in 2019, he added.
The BJP president also blamed Opposition for the continuous adjournment of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in the second-leg of the Budget session of Parliament. “PM Narendra Modi ensured that the Parliament functions smoothly but the opposition did not let that happen. Today, Parliament was adjourned sine die,” Shah said.
During his speech, he insisted that the Modi government had done a lot for all sections of the society and that the BJP will seek to win the 2019 Lok Sabha polls on the basis of work done rather than by making “hollow assurances”.
“Rahul Gandhi and others are saying that we are demolishing reservation for SCs and STs. We are in no way demolishing the reservation (policy),” Shah said in his address on the occasion of the BJP’s 38th Foundation Day.
Shah congratulated party’s millions of workers and wishers saying, “I pay tribute to the karyakartas who sacrificed their lives for the party.” He further said, “The BJP started with 10 members and today has more than 11 million members. We began with two members in Parliament, but now have an absolute majority.”
Later in the day, reacting to Shah’s cat, dog jibe, the Congress accused the BJP chief Amit Shah of dragging political discourse to a new low. Congress senior spokesperson Anand Sharma said the remarks are “shameful” and speak of Shah’s mindset.
Sharma said, “The remarks made by Amit Shah are condemnable. It shows their mindset. They have repeatedly dragged the political discourse to a new low.” “It is shameful. What else do we expect from them. It is in their DNA,” he told PTI.

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