Satta Bazar predicts AAP govt in Punjab, BJP ahead in Uttarakhand

New Delhi, March 6 (IANS) Bookies, who run the satta market, have predicted the people of Punjab may see a new party in power after years, as they give 65 seats to the Aam Aadmi Party in the 117-member Assembly. There are no bids for other parties.
The bookies are also predicting that BJP is bagging 34 seats in Uttarakhand, a couple of seats short of a majority in the 70-member house.
IANS spoke to a few bookies who said that for the first time, people of Punjab may have a new ruling party after the Congress or Akali Dal, whereas after Uttar Pradesh – where they gave it 220 seats in the 403-member Assembly, the BJP will be able to retain power in Uttarakhand.
“We are predicting 65 seats to the AAP in Punjab. We have not given option of other parties here. In Punjab, satta is only on the AAP and no one else. If our calculations are correct, the AAP might reach upto 70 seats,” said a bookie, who did not want to be identified.
He said in Punjab, the BJP – which is contesting in alliance between the new party of Captain Amarinder Singh and an Akali Dal faction – was nowhere to be seen like last time, when it was with the Akali Dal. The Congress will bag seats but only to secure its position in the opposition.
About Uttarakhand, the bookie said that the saffron party was creating its magic with 34 seats as per their calculation.
“In Uttarakhand, it is only the BJP. We are not opening a book for the AAP and the Congress,” he said.
He said that like the UP Assembly elections, they were offering Rs 100 for Rs 100 only. “The local satta guys might be taking different prices for each assembly sear, like Rs 10 for Re 1, but at state level rate is Re 1 for Re 1,” said the bookie.
They said that they had given option to change the price/party till March 5, and now were waiting for the results on March 10.

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