Sanctuary for illegal immigrants

By T.S. Khanna
Alamo, CA: Moral credit by doing good to others can be earned only if one does so at one’s own cost without expecting or seeking a return.
Providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants is morally discreditable. To protect those, who commit a criminal act of illegally entering or living in the US on expired visas, is both immoral and illegal. It is protecting the criminals at the cost of law-abiding, taxpaying citizens. It is the government’s responsibility to protect the interest of the law-abiding citizens. Law-abiding citizens must demand it.
Here it may be noted that illegal immigrants are not only from the south of the border. They are from other countries as well, in proportion to the opportunities and facilities they got.
It is argued that the illegal immigrants, who have been in the US for a long time or have been paying taxes, should have the right to citizenship. This is not a valid argument: first, the time does not wash off a crime, second, the US is not merely a commercial center of a profit center, it is a Republic of Laws.
Federal Government’s foremost duty is to enforce law and order and protect the law-abiding citizen’s interest.
Besides tracking and chasing illegal immigrants, Federal Govern-ment may also prosecute all those, who provide sanctuary to illegal immigrants. Public officials of local governments directly or indirectly engaged in facilitating illegal immigration may also be prosecuted under the law as abetting and aiding accomplices to the criminal acts.

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