Saiyami Kher, BCCI host special screening of ‘Ghoomer’ for paraplegic cricketers

Mumbai, Aug 31 (IANS) Actress Saiyami Kher hosted an exclusive screening of the film ‘Ghoomer’ for paraplegic cricketers in India. 

“I’m so honoured that DCCI and BCCI have given us this opportunity to show the film to the people that matter. Human resilience is the definition of these sports people and I’m elated/excited to have seen their response to seeing Aninas life on screen,” Saiyami said.  

The event took place in Mumbai last evening and was attended by nearly 50 paraplegic cricketers between the age of 12-25, including those who officially play for India in international tournaments.

After garnering strong and positive word of mouth, DCCI – An arm of BCCI, reached out to the makers of ‘Ghoomer’ and actress, Saiyami Kher. 

Recognising the potential of the film to serve as a source of motivation and inspiration, they expressed their desire to arrange a special screening for the dedicated paraplegic cricketers of India. 

The film and Saiyamis earnest performance as Anina left everyone touched and emotional.  

Saiyami said: “I am truly touched by the positive impact ‘Ghoomer’ has had on these exceptional athletes,” she shared. “Their dedication and resilience are truly inspiring, and I am humbled to have been a part of a film that resonated with them. Their stories are part of what we wanted to show in the movie.”

The screening was aimed to provided an opportunity for the paraplegic cricketers to experience the magic of cinema while drawing parallels to their own lives. Witnessing the challenges and triumphs depicted on the screen mirrored their own journey, creating a sense of unity and shared experience.

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