Russia plans to disconnect communications followed by fake reports about surrender: Ukraine

New Delhi, March 1 (IANS) Even before the Kiev TV tower was hit by a missile, the Security Service of Ukraine had said that if communications and the ability to check whether information is reliable are lost, there can be no capitulation or surrender of Ukraine’s interests.
“Initially, they plan to disconnect communications. After that, there will be a lot of fake reports that the Ukrainian military and political leadership seems to have agreed to surrender.
“So-called confirmation of this fake news will be distributed by allegedly signed documents, as well as filmed fake videos,” the Defence Minister of Ukraine, Alexei Reznikov, had warned, Ukrainska Pravda reported.
Reznikov warned that the enemy is preparing disinformation about the alleged capitulation of the country’s military and political leadership. Reznikov denied this was the case.
“According to our information, the Russian occupiers are preparing to launch a large-scale informative and psychological operation in the near future. Its goal is to break the resistance of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian army using lies,” Reznikov said, the report said.
The minister posted a photo of himself from the city centre, urging people not to believe in fake news and to warn everyone they can. The country’s leadership remains in the capital and is continuing to work.
Explosions erupted around Kiev’s 1,300-ft TV tower on Tuesday afternoon (local time), just hours after Russia told civilians to evacuate because it was about to begin bombarding ‘strategic’ targets in the Ukrainian capital, Daily Mail reported.
At least two large blasts were seen near the foot of the tower, around three miles from central Kiev, at around 5.30 pm local time. It was not immediately clear whether the tower had been the target of the strikes, or whether they had been targeting nearby buildings.
The tower remained standing, but several state broadcasts went off air, the report said.
That raised fears that Kiev was about to come under heavy bombardment after the cities of Kharkiv, Mariupol and Kherson were hit by indiscriminate shelling earlier in the day, Daily Mail reported.

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