RSS’ divisive ideology – Manipur tragic example: Jairam

New Delhi: Congress Party leader Jairam Ramesh . (Photo: IANS/Wasim Sarvar)

New Delhi, June 18 (IANS) Congress on Sunday again questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence over the violence in Manipur and targeted the RSS over its “divisive ideology and polarising activities” which is impacting on the diverse North East.
Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh said: “The RSS has finally issued a public appeal for peace and harmony in Manipur after 45 days of unending violence. The RSS’ well-known duplicity is in full display as its divisive ideology and polarising activities is changing the very nature of a diverse North East, of which Manipur is one tragic example.”
Hitting out at the Prime Minister, Ramesh said: “But what of its much-celebrated former Pracharak, who now controls the administrative machinery at the Centre and in the state? Has he outsourced the public appeal to the organisation that moulded him? When will Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, say something, do something on Manipur? Is he only a Prachar Mantri and not Pradhan Mantri?”
His remarks came after the RSS on Sunday made appeal for peace in Manipur, which has witnessed violence since May 3.
Ethnic violence continues in Manipur for around 50 days now, where over 100 people have died since the outbreak of violence.

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