Roshni land scam ‘real face of Gupkar Gang’: Anurag Thakur

New Delhi, Nov 26 (IANS) Union minister and BJP leader Anurag Thakur has termed the Gupkar Alliance of Kashmir parties as a threat to the unity of the country, claiming that the Roshni land scam is the “real face of the Gupkar Gang.”
In an exclusive chat with IANS, Thakur said that the “anti-national coalition” will never succeed in its plans.
“The people of Jammu & Kashmir need to be vigilant with the ‘Gupkar Gang’,” he said.
He said even if the Gupkar Alliance want, they would never be able bring back Articles 370 and 35A which were abolished because of the “strong will of Prime Minister Narendra Modi”.
Thakur said that the secret intentions of the group have been exposed before the country. The citizens of Jammu & Kashmir, who want development, will never let the intentions of the group succeed. The benefits of the policies of the Centre are reaching directly the people of J&K, which is not tolerated by the alliance.
He targeted the National Conference, PDP and Congress and said that all the corrupt have come under the same umbrella. Thakur said after the names of PDP, National Conference and Congress leaders surfaced in the Roshni land scam worth Rs 25,000 crore in J&K, corruption and anti-national activities are the real face of these parties.
He said that these corrupt leaders had turned heaven-like Kashmir into a hell. They had been misusing the resources of J&K for decades. “Now when the people of the province are moving towards development, these people are speaking the language of Pakistan and China. They are trying to trick the youth of Kashmir. The BJP will never let the plans of these anti-national forces succeed.”
On the Roshni land scam, he said, “Roshni land scam in Jammu & Kashmir is the biggest land scam of the country. A gang of few people looted the resources of Jammu & Kashmir. The state land was looted under a planned conspiracy and the people who looted the land have now become secretive. These people lost their mass base and saw the truth coming out layer by layer, he alleged.
He said the Abdullah and Mufti families were always against the interests of the nation and have “looted” the valley. On the elections to be held, he said that the BJP has gone for the District Development Council elections with the goal of empowering and enriching the people of Jammu & Kashmir. The party’s endeavour is to strengthen rural democracy and give benefits of rapid development to the people.
“The Gupkar Gang is practicing politics of bullet in Jammu & Kashmir, instead of ballot,” he alleged.
He said that the BJP is on the path of strengthening democracy with the ballot, while the Gupkar Alliance is trying to scare people with the bullet. But he said “these people have forgotten that the people of Jammu & Kashmir are aware of the truth and understand their intentions. The people never supported the traitors. People want development now, that’s why BJP’s victory is assured.”
Taking a dig at the Congress, Thakur said that the party has joined hands with the ‘Gupkar Gang’ who speak the language of China and Pakistan. “The Congress is so shocked by its defeat that today it is seeking their cooperation, who in turn are seeking support from Pakistan and China for the restoration of Article 370. In desperation, Congress joined hands with anti-national forces.”
“On the other hand, their leader Rahul Gandhi is not breaking his silence on this. Is he giving his silent consent to the plans of China and Pakistan?” he asked.
He said BJP has always contested polls on the issue of development. The party promised that it would abolish Articles 370 and 35A, which it has fulfilled.

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