Robot Kills Human

In 1979, the first human by the name of Robert Williams was killed by a robot’s arm as he was gathering parts in a storage facility. This opened the issue on how robots will, in the future, cause more harm than ease for humankind.

It also brings to life the old issue of the Luddite argument, or the fear of machinery taking over a worker’s  place. There’s also the fear of robot’s intelligence becoming even more viable than human intelligence. Under that theory, it says that machines could one day rise up and eliminate humankind. There were also a couple or more movies that tackled this supposed futuristic phenomenon, one is the more popular I, Robot that stars Will Smith.

But scientists, of course, are discounting that fact, and saying that robots cannot actually be capable of that. They said that Williams’ death is an accident not caused by the machine’s intelligence. Scientists said that the accident is a matter of lack of precautionary measures in terms of the machine’s company.

Of course, governments, scientists and other believers of robots are trying to control the rise of the robots. Laws are being drafted to put robots under the state’s jurisdiction, which I think is just about right.

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