Rise in prices raises political temperature

Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar has rejected the Opposition’s adjournment motion on July 28 demanding discussion on price rise followed by a vote. The government has of course opposed it tooth and nail.

Finance Minister and leader in Lok Sabha, Pranab Mukherjee, had cited chapter and verse to prove that it is not right. His reason: adjournment motions deal with government’s failure to discharge its constitutional duties. Mukherjee is implying that while price rise issue is a matter of serious concern, it has nothing to do with government’s failure. It was no doubt a quibble at best.

The Opposition was keen to nail the government not just through sharp arguments in the course of the debate, but through the voting at the end of it. It was pinning its hope on many of the ruling UPA partners to vote against the government. The UPA too seemed to fear exactly this. It was hell-bent on averting the parliamentary mishap.

Though both sides appeared keen to debate, they did everything to avoid doing that. Last time the issue was debated in the House, leader of Opposition and BJP leader Sushma Swaraj cited prices from her grocery list to show how things were bad.

Congress members fudged and quibbled over details of that list to parry criticism. Higher prices continue to plague people like the rising mercury in summers, and all that they can do is groan and moan. For politicians it is gamesmanship.
Courtesy: DNA India

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