Revealed! What Melania is all about

New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANS) Wherever and whatever, Trump makes news. But its his better half Melania who evokes even more curiosity. Free, Melania, the unauthorized biography on Americas first lady is due to release this week, and considering the subject, it already has raised the temperatures world over.
Penned by Kate Bennet, CNN’s White House correspondent, the book takes a look at the various facets of her daily routine that have either added or detracted from Melania’s public aura, The New York Times preview discusses the book’s takeaways. Some of the prominent ones are:
Commenting on Melania’s sartorial choices, Bennet makes no bones that everything that the First Lady wears is by design, literally as well as figuratively. Melania has made news for her fashionista image whenever she steps out e with or without Trump.
Moving over to Melania’s much discussed and debated relations with her step daughter Ivanka Trump, Bennet quotes White House insiders with a cryptic “cordial, not close”. The two are equally famous in the looks and celebrity stakes.
Writing on probably the most debated question on whether America’s first couple shares the same bedroom, the author clarifies that the President has his bedroom in the second floor whereas Melania uses the third floor bedroom that was once occupied by former first lady Michelle Obama’s mother Marian Robinson.
Not surprisingly, Bennet stays away from writing about yet another member of the Trump family — young Barron Trump.
She may not be a classic beauty in the Jacqueline Kennedy mould, but her aura of cultivated glamour and panache have helped her stay in the limelight.
Bennet makes ample use of her access to the White House to pen an unauthorized biography that readers hope will open up their understanding of Melania Trump.

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