Request to ‘not share videos’ of Wing Commander Abhinandan goes viral on social media

Jammu, Feb 27 (PTI) Security officials said on Wednesday that the videos of the captured Indian Air Force pilot were being released on the internet as part of a psychological operation against India and netizens should desist from sharing them on social media.
Five videos were shot by Pakistani army and released on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as part of a psychological operation against the country, the officials said.
“It is aimed to demoralize the forces and people,” they said.
Criticizing the shooting of videos and treatment to captured Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, people took to social media platforms and vented their anger by calling Pakistan a rogue country run by the Taliban.
“The country is run by Talibanis wearing army uniform, if we see how Pilot has been handled. It is shameful. Pakistan is a disgrace,” Vikas Raina, from Pune, wrote on WhatsApp.
Pakistan captured the IAF pilot after a fierce engagement between the two air forces.
The wing commander ejected safely from his MiG 21 Bison aircraft but landed across the Line of Control and was taken into custody by Pakistani army.
“There is only one pilot under Pakistan Army’s custody. Wing Comd Abhi Nandan is being treated as per norms of military ethics,” Pakistani military spokesperson Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor said.
IAF sources have identified the pilot as Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.
“Please don’t ask us to share the videos of Wing Commander Abhinandan. We will not share his videos and are requesting you to please don’t share videos and photos of the pilot,” an Indian Military Updates said.
It said these are being spread by Pakistan’s army or its media. “Don’t fall into Pakistan propaganda trap of trolls,” it added.
Netizens, most of them former force personnel, their groups and others are also forwarding the message, “Don’t share videos of the pilot.”
Other online groups said the pilot’s family and friends are having a tough time and let us strongly stand with them.

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