‘Report of Germany snubbing India as G7 guest over Russia wrong’

New Delhi, April 13 (IANS) German government circles have termed as “wrong” a report stating that it was considering not inviting India for the G7 meeting it would host because of its position concerning Russia’s war in Ukraine.
German government spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit said Berlin would present its list of guest attendees as soon as it is finalised, while German Embassy sources told IANS that the report is “wrong”.
The report stated that Germany is weighing “whether to invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the G7 summit it’s hosting in June given India’s reluctance to condemn Russia for invading Ukraine”.
India and 49 countries abstained from a United Nations vote to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council and has not imposed sanctions on Moscow.
The G7 is an informal grouping of seven of the world’s advanced economies: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, the US and the European Union.
The forum provides global leadership and plays a powerful catalyst role on issues that are later taken up by other fora with broader global and regional membership.

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