Remakes to look forward to in the coming months

Mumbai: Kamal Haasan’s ‘Hey Ram’ was one of the most talked about films around its release in 2000. The film won the audience’s heart over time and became one of the best films in the veteran actor’s long list of successful movies.
Originally made in Tamil, the movie was also dubbed in Hindi. According to latest reports, Shah Rukh Khan, who was also a part of the original project, has decided to remake the movie in Hindi now.
Kamal allegedly confirmed the news and recollected how Shah Rukh only got a wristwatch by the end of the film as he was left with nothing to offer the Bollywood superstar. Kamal also reportedly added that he is glad that SRK acquired the rights from co-producer Bharat Shah and hopes that he still has some memory of the film since he gave his friendship and service for it.
The captivating historical political drama with a semi-fictional plot was centered on India’s partition and the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse.

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